Use of Should and Would

we must know where to use should and would. should would can be used in three 6 situations.
Should ...
is often used as an alternative to Shall with I and We to Request for an advice and Instruction. There are three uses of Should.


According to you, what should I do now? Should I send him an e-mail, write him a letter or should I try to call him up? (We are asking for advice)

  • We often use Should for obligation and duty purpose with all subjects (he,she,it,they,we,I,you)


We should serve the humanity.

The rich should not hate the poor.

They should not be given too much liberty.

  • We use Should for slight possibility.


If you should see her in the concert, do give her my best regards.

  • Before telling you the uses of Would let me clear you one thing, we see many sentences in English like; he ‘d find him , she ‘d find him. It means he would find him, she would find him.

‘d = would

  • We use Would to express past habits.


When we were young, we would play every moment (when we were young, we’d play every moment)

When we were infants, we would not pay attention to the girls.

  • To make polite requests we will use Would.


Would you be ready to go with me

Would you be prepared to do my class work?

Would you give treat tonight because I have some work tomorrow?

  • We use would if we want to put some simple condition in a sentence.


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